Handy shortcuts and hidden features of your iPhone 7

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In this article you can find six useful iPhone tips and tricks you might not know or heard about. These tricks are easy to learn and may even find yourself using them a lot to enhance your overall iPhone experience.

If your iPhone 7 is submerged, you should give it at least five hours drying off time before plugging it in to charge


Even if the iPhone is waterproof, that doesn’t mean you can plug it into charge right after water contact. You should also avoid opening the SIM tray shortly after a submersion too, to avoid short-circuits.

Apple has advised that if your iPhone 7 is submerged, you should give it at least five hours drying off time before plugging it in to charge.

Change the pressure of the ‘HOME’ button


Unlock your iPhone 7 and then tap on Settings -> General -> Home Button. Here you can pick which of the three levels of force you want coming back at your finger with every press.

When you tap on the option you can then push the home button to feel the feedback that you get when using these three options.

Set yourself a bedtime with the new Bedtime tab


With the iPhone 7 and iOS 10, instead of setting an alarm, you can now set yourself a bedtime.

The new Bedtime tab has been added to the Clock app with a Wake Alarm function that can help you go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. When enabled, the recurring wake-up alarm will remind you when it is time to sleep, track how many hours you slept, and provide detailed sleep analysis.

Reply to text messages without unlocking your phone


Pressing a received message on the lock screen will bring up a reply window that lets you get your response. Although you can reply without unlocking your phone, you’ll need a passcode in order to view your entire message history.

Get to the camera without unlocking your handset


If you’re upgrading to the iPhone 7, you have noticed that the lock screen no longer features the camera icon. To access  the lock-screen camera shortcut, swipe in from the right side of the lock screen and you’ll pull the camera app open as you move.

Hard reset configuration


The configuration of presses to reset the iPhone 7, is simple: hold the power button and volume down controls simultaneously for a few seconds


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